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For the best images, I do suggest cleaning your horse and tack and present as you would for a competition.  Ideally hoof oil/black will finish the look, although plaiting or banding is completely optional depending on the final images you would like.

You know your horse best - if your horse normally needs working down before it settles, then you might consider lunging or riding earlier in the day, particularly if the horse is not normally turned out.  You don’t want to work the horse down so that they are tired and lifeless, just enough to take the edge off.  However if you would like liberty photos having them full of energy works really well!

We’ve got nine horses of our own – ponies, Arabs, Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds and they are all unique – there is nothing your horse can do that I won’t be able to work with one way or another, so please don’t stress about this part of your session!

circle-jackYes absolutely!  While I specialize in equine photography, I have photographed hundreds of dogs, cats and other pets over the years. We have pack of Border Collies who share our home, so I speak fluent canine and enjoy dog pet portrait sessions just as much as horse ones! Living on a farm in a rural area, I also regularly photograph livestock including cattle, sheep and poultry both for Fine Art and commercial purposes.


Very early morning and mid to late afternoon (the last two hours before sunset) are the best times for good lighting for portrait photography, especially in summer when the sun creates strong shadows.

Overcast days can be good for photography throughout the day if the cloud cover is even and not too dark, although the shine on horse coats is not as obvious on overcast days.

The most beautiful time of day is what is known as the 'golden hour' - the hour before sunset when the atmospheric light helps create beautiful, dramatically lit photo’s with a magical, golden warmth.

Bad weather and being sick isn't fun for anyone and really dosn't allow for beautiful photos. If the weather is unfavourable (heavy rain, strong winds) or someone is sick on the day of your session then I am happy to re-schedule for another suitable day.

circle-brit Yes I do. While equine and canine photography is my specialty, I also do offer children and family lifestyle photography sessions. The human-animal bond can be so strong it becomes almost tangible. I love to capture and document this bond and encourage owners to be included in at least some of the photos of their horses, dogs and other pets. I have studied under some of the best portrait photographers in the world and I am experienced with re-touching people portraits to a professional level - so rest assured that photos of you will show you at your beautiful best!
I am an internationally collected award winning artist and photographer who has combined lifelong passions for horses, dogs, art and photography to immortalize the beauty and essence of these amazing animals in works of art as unique as they are. With today's affordable digital cameras and even some mobile phones, most people can take reasonable snapshots to record their day to day lives. Snapshots have huge value of their own and you really don't need a professional photographer to capture those type of images. However, when you want to create beautiful, lasting memories of your beloved equine or canine partner that you can enjoy everyday as beautiful artwork in your home, choosing a professional photographer who personally understands these animals and can create timeless fine art that vividly captures the emotional connection and how you feel about your special relationship is essential. My photography is heavily influenced by my background as a Traditional and Digital Artist and I am fortunate to have my artwork and photography in private collections throughout Australia, Asia, the United Kingdom, several European countries and the United States. I have a solid knowledge of the relationship between Composition and the elements and principles of art and design that I apply to all my Fine Art and portrait photography work. I believe that creating beautiful photography is far more than learning the 'science' of aperture, ISO and shutter speed relationships - its about melding that 'science' with an intuitive and emotional understanding of the artistic rules - how and when to apply them - and how and when to break them. My 20+ years experience with horses (and lifetime with dogs) allows me to work safely and respectfully with the beautiful animals that we share our lives with while obtaining stunning images that portray them at their very best. My family and I currently share our lives with nine horses, five Border Collies and two cats that are not just animals or pets - they are all part of our family. It is other people who feel exactly the same way about their own special companions who I hope to reach out and touch with my work. The whole portrait experience from start to finish is customized to suit your individual needs. When you choose me for your Portrait Photography session, you are engaging me to not only create a series of photographs, but to create personalized fine art from your precious memories that you can hang proudly in your home for years to come. I am a full-time professional Artist and Photographer with an ABN, Public Liability insurance, Working With Children Check and PCAWA Accreditation.

Private Portrait Sessions

Payment can be made by cheque, cash, Direct Deposit or credit card at your Image Reveal & Order Session.

Equestrian Event Photography

Prints, Products and Digital Downloads for event photos are ordered directly through the website and can be paid for by Credit Card or Paypal.


Many of my personal images are available for Licencing as stock photos and Fine Art images for Art Licencing on collectibles.

I am also available for editorial and commercial photo sessions.

Please contact me with your requirements.

Professional photo editing is available for photos taken at Equestrian events from $30 per edit/$65 per hour and includes:

  • Signature Colour Explosion edits
  • Retouching
  • Background removal, replacement, clean up or blur
  • Halter/Bridle/leadrope removal
  • Photo Collages
  • Sequence Photography
  • Graphic design for Magazine ads
  • Artistic interpretations of photographic images 

Due to the nature of custom artwork and editing, each image is priced individually according to time involved and final print size or digital output.

Please contact Michelle to discuss your requirements and obtain an individual quote for the work you would like done.

Equine Event Photography 

Standard photographic prints and products from Equestrian Events can be ordered simply and safely direct though the website.

  1. Browse the available images in the gallery for the event you are interested in.
  2. Click the 'Buy' button on the bottom right of any image that you wish to purchase.  The 'Shop' Screen will open with categories for Packages, Prints, Downloads or Home Decor (canvas Prints, Acrylic prints and fine art paper prints).
  3. Click the category to view the available products and sizes.
  4. Click The 'Add' button then customize adjustments as required (zoom in, move and select paper type - lustre or metallic - for photo prints).
  5. Click 'Add to Cart'.
  6. Continue shopping or Proceed through the checkout by registering your name, email, address and shipping method.
  7. Follow instructions to complete payment.

Add to Favourites: The Heart icon at the top right of images allows you to build your selection of favourite photos to view together to make ordering easier.

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